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When buying glasses online

  • Frame Material
  • Sizing
  • Lens Index

Frame Materials

Frame Materials

Look for frame material whether you need plastic, acetate, metals, or titanium



If you higher prescription power always go for high index lenses.



For best fittings always order according to your sizing.

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Learn About Glasses Online

Glasses are also known as spectacles or eyeglasses. They’re vision aids comprising of hard plastic or glass lenses, and affixed in a frame to keep them in front of the wearer’s eyes. Glasses are commonly used for vision correction such as those used for nearsightedness and reading. Unlike in the past when you had to visit a physical optician’s shop, today you can buy good quality glasses online.

Types of Glasses

There are numerous types of glasses. Safety glasses, for instance, are designed to protect the eyes from flying debris for workers in diverse fields. Often, these glasses come with protection along the sides and lenses area. Some safety glasses are designed to offer protection against radiation, near-visible, and visible light. Some people wear glasses to protect their eyes in certain sports such as squash.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses, also referred to as transition lenses are visual lenses designed to darken when exposed to certain types of light inadequate intensity, and ultraviolet radiation. The lenses assume their clear state when there’s no activating light.

Glass Straps

Eyeglass wearers can opt for glass straps. With these, you can be assured that your glasses won’t fall off during sports or movement. Younger wearers of glasses have a cord affixed that extends to the back of the neck. You can order glasses online that come with your preferred cord. This prevents the glasses from falling off and breaking or getting lost.


Sunglasses are designed to ease vision on an overly bright day. They also safeguard your eyes from damage as a result of ultraviolet light, dust, and strong winds. As demand for sunglasses today increases, you should exercise caution to avoid getting scammed. Knowing the best place to buy glasses online helps you know how to buy genuine products. Sunglasses are often sold over the counter and many of them lack corrective power in the lenses. Still, you can buy prescription sunglasses from various online glasses store.

Specialized Glasses

Specialized glasses can often be used to facilitate viewing of certain visual information. An example of specialized glasses is the 3D glasses used for 3D films or stereoscopy.

Fashion glasses

Today, some people wear glasses for fashion or to make a statement to their peers and colleagues. Whether you are buying prescription glasses online or from a physical store, there are different types to choose from. Elder people are highly likely to wear glasses than younger ones. Some studies indicate that up to 93% of people aged between 65 and 75 years of age today wear corrective lenses.

Corrective lenses

Corrective lenses are designed to get images back in focus on the retina. They are made to adapt to an optometrist or ophthalmologist’s prescription. Corrective glasses help minimize problems that wearers experience as a result of eye strain such as squinting or headaches. The common type of corrective lens available in the market is the single vision which comes with a reliable refractive index.

Anti-glare protection glasses

Anti-glare protection glasses, also known as blue light glasses are designed to minimize the reflection of light that penetrates the eyes. The lenses feature an anti-glare coating to avert light reflections in varying lighting conditions. Doing so enhances vision. People who suffer from light sensitivity can benefit from wearing anti-glare protection glasses.

We have a vast range of glasses you can choose from. They are designed for men, women, and children. Our products are reasonable prices and our experts are on call to offer assistance when the need arises.